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If your looking for further magnification with your existing equipment the 2x doubler may be the answer.

The 2x doubler fits the full size range of the Vortex series binoculars and standard type monoculars. Lightweight, waterproof and easily detachable, the 2x doubler could be your answer to help see that elusive game

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  • 1x individual doubler unit
  • Vortex Binocular 2x Doubler

    By Vortex

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    Ideal for those times you need to maximise the view from your existing binos...

    When the total weight of your gear is critical, keep your options open for long-distance viewing with the help of this lightweight, waterproof, pocket-sized piece. With the Vortex Doubler you can increase the magnification of any full size Vortex binoculars as well as the Recon R/T and Recon Mountain scopes.

    Take in high-power views more similar to what you'd see through a spotting scope.

    Please note that the 2x doubler is not entirely suitable for the kaibab style of binoculars due to their higher magnifcation. The 2x doubler works better on the lower magnification series of binoculars as it halves the light transmission / exit pupil and the field of view

    The 2x doubler will not fit the R/T series of binos and monoculars due to the shaped eye cups on that series


    2x Doubler

    The Vortex 2x Doubler has an internal diameter of 42.6mm and easily attaches over most Vortex (full size) binocular eyecups. 

    The 2x doubler are best utilised with a tripod or rest to assist with removing image movement



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