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Bison Tactical Udder Fat Boy


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The Tactical Udder – Fat Boy is the old Tactical Udder’s new big brother.

Bison Tactical went back to the drawing board to deliver a massive improvement to the Tactical Udder shooting rest bag!

The Tactical Udder – Fat Boy now achieves a better grip on field props, while maintaining the same lovable udder shape I conceived back in 2016.

Evolved from the OG Tactical Udder, also know as the Saracen Bag, the Fat Boy brings major improvements as a solid front shooting rest.

Some notable changes:

  • Heavy and Light in one bag!
  • Thicker legs
  • Open Pocket Design
  • Anti-Roll stays
  • More Grip where it counts
  • Dual Fill System

At Bison Tactical we design competition proven gear, and the Tactical Udder – Fat Boy is no exception.

Heavy and Light:  The Tactical Udder – Fat Boy’s standard fighting weight is 7 – 7.5 lbs, around 1 pound  heavier than the standard Tactical Udder shooting rest bag.  But the new Dual Fill System (available separately) drops the weight by 2 lbs to 5 – 5.5 lbs.  Understanding that smaller isn’t always better, but sometimes lighter is, we designed a way to lighten the Tactical Udder while keeping the same functionality, and same surface area to provide a rock solid shooting platform in the best shooting bag in 2019.

Open Pocket Design:  The leg re-design went hand in hand with creating an Open Pocket Design.  The Open Pocket Design creates a large open area in the center of the legs, resulting in 400% greater surface area in contact with shooting props.  This massive increase in contact with shooting props means more stability for shooting since the heavy legs make rock solid contact to provide incredible support.

Anti-Roll Bars:  Based on firsthand experience, wide bags using pliable, flexible fill can roll when not placed perfectly on pointy objects (like the point of a tank trap).  To fight this tendency, removable aluminum stays can be inserted into the Anti-Roll Bar pockets located directly above the Tactical Udder – Fat Boy handles.

200% More Grip where it counts:  In conjunction with the Open Pocket Design, Bison Tactical increased the grippyness of the bag on metal and slippery surfaces by experimenting with a variety of different grippy materials.  We changed the grippy material on the Fat Boy to a new high grip material, and increased the area of the material by 200%.

The Tactical Udder – Fat Boy is named after one of the two Atomic bombs – because its fat, and its the bomb.

In homage to our Airborne military brothers, and because its cool, the handles on the Tactical Udder – Fat Boy are made from actual parachute webbing, and only come in Yellow (except yellow waxed and custom bags).

Custom bags are available, and the old style handles in other colors are available on the custom bags, just give us a call to order.

The Tactical Udder – Fat Boy can be used as a shooting rear bag as well as a Tactical shooting bag front rest.  This versatility in use as both a shooting rest bag and tactical shooting bag make the Tactical Udder – Fat Boy stand out from the crowd.

Bench Rest and target shooters are also using the bag upside down (legs in the air) for a static shooting rest bag since it works so well to keep your rifle stable!

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