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STS Rimfire KYL Kit


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This 8 piece KYL (Know Your Limits) kit is made from premium Australian made 10mm thick Bisalloy 500 steel for ultra durability. 

Designed for 50m to 100m .22lr rimfire use, this target kit is a fantastic skill tester and component of precision rimfire rifle matches. 

The 8 targets are sized at 10, 14, 18, 25, 33, 45, 61 & 82mm.  They come with a 11mm clearance hole designed to clip onto an 8mm carabiner. 

NOTE: These targets are only available as bare steel in order to keep the price down.

This kit is for the 8 target plates only. They will require a frame to hang them from, STS recommends heading down to your local hardware store and grabbing a cheap wooden saw horse, 8 x 8mm carabiners and 8 x 8x50mm eyebolts. All of these parts should be around $50. 

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