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This is the must have item if you're a hunter or long range shooter. Take your previous data with you wherever you go and have it at your finger tips.

The Storm Tactical data book includes the following layouts: Come-ups, Dedicated Cold Bore, Cold Bore / Zero, Zero / Calls, Technical Reticle Hold, Torso, Special Target, Movers, Unknown Distance / Long Range, Range Card / Field Sketch, Sniper Observation Log, Round Count, USMC Click / Wind Charts, Information Pages with formulas, and Notes Pages

Items received in the box

  • Storm Tactical data book
  • Storm Tactical Pocket Data Books

    By Storm Tactical

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    Pocket size to enable you to document your long range data with minimal weight

    Available in the following sizes

    Pocket Book

    • Spiral bound with poly covers
    • 95mm wide x 130mm high x 25mm thick
    • 105 pages - 210  usable pages as they are double sided
    • Weight 135 grams

    Pocket Book with cover

    • Spiral bound with poly covers
    • 95mm wide x 130mm high x 25mm thick
    • 105 pages - 210  usable pages as they are double sided
    • Includes a cordura nylon zipper cover
    • Weight 175 grams




      Features of the Storm Tactical data books

      • Pocket size
      • Poly covers on all books 
      • Cordura nylon covers where applicable
      • Various pages including, cold bore, zero, technical reticle hold, long range card, field sketch and notes pages




      All Storm Tactical Products bought from Scoped Out are covered by the Storm Tactical Warranty. The warranty is about you, not us. It's about taking care of you after the sale.

      We will repair or replace your Storm Tactical product in the event it was supplied defective—at no charge to you other then return post from you to us. 

      • 12 month Warranty
      • Fully transferable
      • No warranty card to fill out
      • Receipt will be required to show proof of purchase from Scoped Out

      The warranty does not cover loss, misuse, theft or deliberate damage to the product


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