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World renown as being one of the best mounts in the business. The adage of "you get what you pay for" is certainly true with Spuhr.

Spuhr have designed a mount that can be removed and reused time after time and can be adapted to suit any scenario. From the integrated bubble level or cant, to the add on ACI mounts, pic rails, accessory blocks, red dot mounts, the list is ongoing. One of the only mounts that can be tweaked to suit your application.

Milspec, rugged, precise, adaptable, repeatable and well refined to mention a few. The mount that separates itself from all others!

Items received in the box

  • 1x piece base
  • 2x rings halves
  • 1x wedge
  • 20x screws
  • Spuhr SP Picatinny Unimount - 20.6MOA/6MIL (FREE FREIGHT)

    By Spuhr


    Sorry, this product is sold out!


    The ultimate one piece picatinny mount for use with all types of scopes required for that long range precision. There is no better than this..............

    Spuhr SP Picatinny rail mounts are available in the following configurations and cant

    30mm Unimounts - 20.6MOA/6MIL Cant

    • Low mount - 30mm (1.18") SP-3601
    • High mount - 38mm (1.5") SP-3602

    34mm Unimounts 20.6MOA/6MIL Cant

    • Low mount - 30mm (1.18") SP-4601
    • Medium mount - 34mm (1.35") SP-4636
    • High mount - 38mm (1.5") SP-4602

    35mm Unimounts - 20.6MOA/6MIL

    • Low mount - 30mm (1.18") SP-5601
    • High mount - 38mm (1.5") SP-5062    

    36mm Unimounts - 20.6MOA/6MIL

    • High mount - 38mm (1.5") SP-6002

    40mm Unimounts - 20.6MOA/6MIL

    • Low mount - 30mm (1.18") SP-7601

    All sizes nominated are taken from the centre of the scope tube to the base of the ring.

    Bases should be tightened to 45-50lbs torque setting

    SP-4636 specifically designed for use with Schmidt & Bender 5-20 PM II Ultra Short, but will work with standard scopes. Rear ring is 2 screws, not 3. See photos.

    Rings should be tightened to 15-18lbs torque setting


        Features of the Spuhr Picatinny Unimount
        • Integrated anti-cant bubble level
        • Includes all mounting hardware
        • Has univeral fixing points for Angle Cosign Indicators (ACI)
        • Fits all Picatinny type rails only
        • Rugged, lightweight, anti-snag design
        • Robust, Grade 8 fasteners
        • Precision Matched Rings kept in pairs throughout the manufacturing process
        • Type III hard coat anodized finish
        • 100% made in USA guaranteed for life


        All Sphur Products bought from Scoped Out are covered by the Australian Spuhr Warranty Our warranty is about you, not us. It's about taking care of you after the sale.

        We will repair or replace your Spuhr product in the event it becomes defective—at no charge to you other then return post from you to us. 

        You can count on the Spuhr Warranty for all mounts and accessories.

        • Fully transferable
        • No warranty card to fill out
        • Receipt or proof of purchase from Scoped Out will be required

        The warranty does not cover loss, misuse, theft or deliberate damage to the product


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