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This book goes well beyond just a book full of plot pages. The Sinclair long-range plot book includes the following plot sheets: 36 for 600 yards , 10 for 800 yards, 10 for 900 yards and 24 for 1000 yards. Pages are oriented so you don't lay your hand on the spiral binding when you are writing. The target plot area is large to provide plenty of room to plot shot location

In addition to the plot sheets, there are pages for recording zeros for different rifles, yardages and locations. Windage charts for six of the most popular cartridge / bullet combinations used in long-range plus two blank windage charts for customization. Pages to record rounds fired through individual guns or barrels. Three pages to record match scores by range and yardages. Notepaper for recording miscellaneous information or notes about your shooting.

Items received in the box

  • Sinclair Long Range Log Book
  • Sinclair Long Range Shooters Book

    By Sinclair


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    Log your DOPE whatever the rifle, load or target in your search for long range accuracy

    Sinclair Long Range Data book

    • Spiral bound 
    • 215mm wide x 155mm high x 10mm thick
    • 258 usable pages as they are double sided
    • Weight 200 grams



    Features of the Sinclair Long Range Data book

    • Spiral bound with cardboard protective cover
    • Heavy weight pages 
    • Various pages Windage charts, Target charts, load / rifle data and notes pages




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    • 12 month Warranty
    • Fully transferable
    • No warranty card to fill out
    • Receipt will be required to show proof of purchase from Scoped Out

    The warranty does not cover loss, misuse, theft or deliberate damage to the product


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