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The Pulsar NV 1.7x lens enhances the magnification of any standard rifle scope or night vision scope.

Just attach the Pulsar Night Vision 1.7x Lens Converter and instantly your range of magnification is nearly doubled. Get in close to the target with the Pulsar NV Night Vision 1.7x Lens Converter which should be considered an essential tool for night hunting.

Note that use of the Pulsar Night Vision Lens Converter will result in an increase in your scope's minimum focus distance, and light amplification will be slightly reduced

Items received in the box

  • Doubler attachment
  • Flip up lens covers
  • Rubber protective cap to lens
  • User manual
  • Lens cloth
  • Warranty card
  • Pulsar NV 1.7x Lens converter / doubler

    By Pulsar


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    Improve the magnification of your digital rifle scope with this bolt on attachment

    • 1.7x optical magnification
    • Lens caps
    • Does not pixalate the image due to mounting on the objective 
    • Suits NVRS, Phantom, Sentinel and Photon products




      Unit Specifications

      • Magnification 1.7 x
      • Lens diameter 50mm
      • Mount location Objective end
      • Mounting type Threaded 
      • Powered No
      • Dimensions 60mm x 85mm 
      • Weight 200 grams



        All Pulsar products bought from Scoped Out are covered by the Australian Pulsar 36 month Warranty. 




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