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Excellent condition. Includes $199 external chargeable battery pack.

The Digisight riflescope is designed for observation and shooting in twilight or at night. In complete darkness, with no stars or moon, use of the built in IR illuminator with 915nm wavelength (invisible range) is highly recommended.

The scope is equipped with a built in multifunctional rangefinder with a working measuring range of 400 metres.

This scope is a versatile device, designed for a wide range of professional and amateur applications such as hunting, sports shooting, night video recording and observation.

Items received in the box

  • Pulsar Digisight rifle scope
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Pulsar Digisight N970 LRF - Pre Owned With External Power

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    Integrated Laser Rangefinder
    Extra precise shooting requires an exact knowledge of the distance to the target. the integrated laser rangefinder, with a range up to 400 metres, allows the user to measure the distance in single measuring mode and in scanning mode with a precision of up to ±1 meter (yard).
    Increased Field Of View
    The field of view has been increased by 30% compared to the previous generation of Digisight, in order to provide a better view while searching for the target in the field.
    Increased Twice Night Sensitivity
    Special sensor technology, in combination with proven and reliable optics, provides increased sensitivity in low light conditions. Compared to the previous models in the series, the sensitivity of this model is two times higher!
    Variable Magnification
    The optics and software of the Digisight provides 3.5-14X magnification, which can be changed gradually or step by step depending on the selected mode. Zoom value is displayed in the status bar in the bottom part of the screen.
    Selectable Reticle
    The reticle is electronically displayed on the screen and is permanently located in the plane of target image. The Digisight's internal memory contains a large number of reticles of various styles, suitable for various applications. The central point of the reticle is illuminated, and the colour can be switched between red and green, depending on the conditions. The colour of the main body of the reticle can be switched from black to white, to suit various different viewing backgrounds.
    THD & AoE
    In a changeable landscape, when shooting from high stands, it is recommended to use THD (True Horizontal Distance) measuring mode – in this mode the rangefinder, taking into account angle of shooter’s elevation relative to a target (AoE; its value is also displayed on the screen) calculates true horizontal distance to an object.
    Three Types Of Zeroing Parameters Memorization
    The riflescope has the ability to save three different zeroing profiles in the memory (for different types of weapons or different ammunition); in each saved profile a different reticle can be applied. In addition to that, each profile allows zeroing for five different distances.
    Zeroing With "Freeze" Function
    The standard for Digisight riflescopes, “one shot zeroing” in Digisight LRF & Digisight 900th models, is complemented in this model by an even more convenient zeroing function - “Freeze”. Now, after making a zeroing shot, the user can save a frame of a target in the memory of the riflescope and align reticle with point of impact, looking at this frame without the necessity of keeping full immobility of a weapon.
    High Calibre Applicable
    Digisight riflescopes feature high shock resistance and can be used with rifled hunting weapons for hi recoil cartridges such as 9.3х64, .30-06, .300, .375H&H etc, as well as with smooth bore and airsoft weapons.
    Bright Light Resistance
    The digital technology used in this scope protects it against damage from bright light exposure, meaning the scope can be used during daytime.
    Large Observation Distance
    Depending on the model, Digisight riflescopes provide more than 500 meter detection distance for objects 1.7х0.5 м. in size in low light conditions.
    Wide Operating Temperature Range
    The scope has the ability to operate in normal mode at sub-zero temperatures, due to the use of a frost resistant OLED display featuring fast response and providing a crisp image when observing dynamic objects.
    Eyesafe Eye Relief
    Digisight riflescopes feature a generous 67 mm eye relief; one of the best in its class.
    Energy Saving Modes
    When a weapon with a Digisight is in inclined position of 70° vertically and 30° horizontally in any direction for more than 10 seconds, the riflescope will turn off. For energy saving, and cases when video from the riflescope is not required, it is also possible to turn off the video out module. Both these functions can be activated in the menu of the riflescope.
    Rifle Inclination Angle
    When the rifle is inclined horizontally for an angle of more than 5 degrees, a warning sign appears – compound arrows with indication of direction and incline level. The more lines displayed in the compound arrow, the greater the angle of side incline.
    Built In Invisible IR Illuminator
    The riflescope is fitted with a built in IR Laser Illuminator featuring three step power adjustment. Complying with Class 1 laser safety, the laser IR Illuminator operates in the covert IR range (915 nm), invisible to the naked eye.
    External Power Supply
    Operating time can be significantly extended by using high capacity external power supply units attached to the Digisight via an external power jack. During continued use in freezing weather, the external power supply units can be stored under the clothes for warmth.
    Easy controls
    All the functions of the riflescope can be controlled with just two buttons, encoder and On/Off switch.
    Rifle Mount
    The mounting holes in the base of the riflescope enable the mount to be installed in one of multiple positions. This choice (depending on the rifle type, anthropometric data of a shooter, etc.) helps the user to ensure the most suitable position on a riflescope.
    Convenient Display Of Service Information
    Information about operating status is displayed on a dedicated data panel which is located in the lower portion of the screen and does not hinder observation.
    Wireless Remote Control
    The wireless remote control allows basic operations to be completed without resorting to standard controls.
    Video Out
    Digisight riflescopes are equipped with a Video Out jack enabling real time video recording with the use of external recording equipment.
    Image Set Up Options
    Fast set up options, Contrast and Sumlight™ allow for rapid contrast gain and activation of CCD sensitivity enhancement. Also, there are modes for fine brightness and contrast tuning.


    Sensitivity Of Device
    Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 915 nm, mW, not more than 0.000055 (5.5x10^-5)

    Electronic Components
    Camera resolution, 752x582 pixels
    Display type OLED
    Display Resolution, 640x480 pixels

    Optical Characteristics
    Magnification, 3.5 ... 14 X
    Lens focus, 50mm
    Relative aperture, D/f' 1:1
    Digital Zoom 2x - 4x
    Field of View,°, horizontal 6 (at 3.5x)
    Eye Relief, 67mm
    Exit Pupil, 6mm
    Diopter adjustment, dptr. -4 ... +3

    IR Illuminator
    Radiation source (diode type) Laser
    IR Wavelength, 915nm (invisible)
    Range of observation, 500m
    Range of recognition, 370m

    Power Supply
    Power Supply, V 4 ÷ 6.3
    Battery type 4xAA
    Battery Life (w/out IR), 4 hours
    Battery Life (with IR), 2.5 ... 3 hours
    External Power Supply DC 9 ÷ 15V / 3W

    Physical & Operational Characteristics
    Operating Temperature, - 25 … + 50 °С
    Remote control Wireless
    Shock resistance on rifled weapon, J 6000
    Dimensions, mm 340х112х94mm
    Weight (without batteries), 1kg



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