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Large range of multi-hole (6 hole) diopter eyepieces to suit whatever rear aperture that you currently have or are looking to source.

Various brands and sizes available including Parker Hale, BSA and Central to name but a few. With ranges from 0.03' (0.762 mm) up to 0.08" (2.032 mm), you can choose a diopter size that suits your shooting discipline.

Items received in the box

  • 1 x 6 hole diopter
  • Parker Hale / BSA multi-diopter (6 hole) eye pieces (pre-owned)

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    Have the best options available at your finger tips with multi-hole diopter eye piece so you can adjust your site to the shooting requirements. Multi-hole diopter eyepieces to suit all types of rear aperture sights based on the BSA, AJP, AGP, Mues, Central and Parker Hale thread type. Ranging from small bell to large dish depending on stock availability.

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      Brands available;

      • Parker Hale (AJP and AGP)
      • BSA 
      • Central

      Diopter Hole dimensions available on each of these sights are;

      • 0.03 of an inch (0.762 mm)
      • 0.04 of an inch (1.016 mm)
      • 0.05 of an inch (1.27 mm)
      • 0.06 of an inch (1.524 mm)
      • 0.07 of an inch (1.778 mm)
      • 0.08 of an inch (2.032 mm)

      Note: Please ensure thread type and over all diopter size is suitable for the rear aperture sight being fitted to.

      If you prefer having a variety of options, please see the single hole diopters also available on our website



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