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MTM Rimfire Match Ammo Box


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SB-22-20 Series

The favorite among 22 rifle caliber small bore competitors. Holds 30 rounds – three strings – projectile down for easy handling. There is enough reserved space for boxed ammo or loose rounds. Features a Snap-lok latch and a fold down handle for easy transporting. Retooled in 2008 and now fits 17 HMR.

Holds up to:
180 rounds of: 22 Long Rifle, 22 Long, 17 Mach 2

130 rounds of 22 Win. Mag.

30 rounds of: 17 HMR - Extra rounds can go in open area.

Available Sizes

Stock # Cartridge Sizes

22 LR, 22 Win. Mag., 17 HMR

22 Long, 17 Mach 2

Color: Blue (20)
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