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The Minute of Angle (MoA) Ruler is a multipurpose ruler designed to assist firearm shooters both in calibrating their firearms sites and measuring the accuracy of target shooting results.

This ruler assists target shooters by providing a mechanism for rapid, accurate estimations of both shooting ’Group’ sizes and the ‘Minute of Angle’ value adjustments required to calibrate or ‘zero’ firearm sights.

Available in 2 unique sizes, one for the pocket (90mm) and one for your gear /shooting box at 300mm

Items received in the box

  • 1 x MOA ruler
  • STS Minute of Angle ruler

    By STS

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    The quickest and easiest way to confirm and compare your results. Simple to use and no need to break out the calculator

    • Australian made and designed
    • Durable 0.8mm fibreglass, easy to clean and impervious to cleaning chemicals
    • High contrast Red substrate with gold plated lettering
    • Weight 20 grams


      STS MOA ruler features

      • Available in either 300mm (12") or pocket size 100mm (4')
      • MOA dimensions for both Metres and Yards
      • MRAD dimensions for both Metres and Yards
      • Simple to use allows quick reference tables for wind, incline and velocity conversions




      All STS products bought from Scoped Out are covered by the Australian STS Warranty. Our warranty is about you, not us it's about taking care of you after the sale.

      • 12 month warranty against faulty parts or workmanship
      • Fully transferable
      • A receipt will be required so we can trace back proof of purchase
      The warranty does not cover loss, misuse, theft or deliberate damage to the product


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