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These pre-owned Leupold STD bases suit any STD rings in either 25mm or 30mm tube

STD bases are precision engineered to match up with STD 2-piece rings. The rear base is secured by windage adjustment screws whilst the front base has a twist on function. Machined steel construction.

Items received in the box

  • 2 x Leupold STD base
  • 4 x torx screws
  • hex key
  • Leupold STD BR A-Bolt LR bases (pre-owned)

    By Leupold

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    Very good condition, pre-owned yet has very minor installation marks associated with a twist on ring mount. Includes package and screws and hex key

    • Leupold part number 50030
    • To suit Browning A-Bolt LR
    • Also suits Steyr Pro Hunter short action


    • Torx screws for bases
    • Hex key
    • Matte finnish
    • 2 x STD bases




        No warranty is available for this product

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