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Bison Tactical Tiny Rear Bag



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Made by Bison Tactical.

The Tiny Rear Bag is made to solve problems with many PRS shooting bags:

  • The need to shoot at steep up angles from prone.  In this scenario a very thin rear bag is preferred to help reduce the bipod leg height as much as possible.
  • Shooting through narrow or constricting “port holes”.  When there is barely enough room for the rifle a thin bag can make a huge stability difference.

Our bag measures 6″ Long X 3″ Wide X 1″ thick. Also available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics such as waxed canvas, and custom colors & patterns.

As with our Tactical Udder bags, the Tiny Rear Bag has adjustable fill, so you can adjust the amount of fill to make the bag thicker or thinner to match your preference.

We chose a unique fill that is composed of larger granules that are asymmetrically shaped.  This allows the special fill to strongly lock into place with little effort when using the bag as a rear shooting squeeze bag.

The TRB is a lightweight rear shooting bag – weighing only 12 oz. [waxed canvas – medium fill amount].  This makes it easy to simply throw in the pack and use it to address specific needs.  Conversely you can also run it as your all around rear bag like we do at Team Bison Tactical !

Comes standard in a variety of materials and colours

  • Waxed Yellow Canvas
  • Ranger Green Cordura Nylon
  • Multi-Cam Cordura Nylon
  • Tan 499 Cordura Nylon
  • Wolf Gray Cordura Nylon

As with most of our bags, the fill is adjustable via a hook & loop opening along the side seam.  This allows the shooter to make adjustments to either add or remove fill to fit their needs.  You can also experiment with a variety of other fill types.

A main hand strap is provided along the length of the bag to reduce grip effort when squeezing the bag.

2 small slots are created with additional webbing on the main hand strap so the TRB can be strapped to your rifle.  These fit our replacement Tactical Udder straps if you already have a Tactical Udder from Bison Tactical.

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