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The Precision Rail Monopod (PRM) mounts to any 1913 style Picatinny rail. The PRM includes our push button deployment and retraction feature. All PRM's come with a Thumbnut which allows the operator to "lock" the knob creating an extremely solid shooting platform.

The leg folds up and retracts out of the way when not in use. Every model is constructed of the finest materials and built to the highest standards.

The Standard Quick Knob (QK01-3) allows quick gross adjustments with the push of a button! The Knob has a spring loaded button that when depressed allows the operator to slide the knob up or down on the Actuator Rod quickly into the desired sight picture. When the button is released, the fine threads are re-engaged and the operator can make the final adjustments by rotating the Knob.

Available in black only.

Items received in the box

  • 1 x Rail mount monopod
  • Accu-shot Precision Rail Mount (PRM) Monopod

    By B&T Industries


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    Providing support and stability for those long range shots. A must have for any serious long range shooter 

    BT12-QK – Standard height PRM with QK01 Quick Knob

    • Height adjustable between 95mm (3.75") and 118mm (4.65")
    • Weight 210 grams 

     BT13-QK – Mid-range height PRM with QK02 Quick Knob

    • Height adjustable between 121mm (4.75") and 144mm (5.65")
    • Weight 235 grams
        BT31-QK – Extended height PRM with QK03 Quick Knob
      • Height adjustable between 144mm (5.65") and 168mm (6.6")
      • Weight 255 grams


      Accu-shot Precision Rail Mount (PRM) Monopod features

      • Fits a standard 1913 Picatinny mounting rail
      • Easily fitted and removed
      • No gunsmith required
      • Rifle not modified in any way
      • Constructed from T6061 Aluminum finished in Hard Anodized black
      • Stabilizes the rifle prior to taking the shot
      • Height adjustable with fast height adjustments
      • Can be fitted with an optional BT07 steel endcap for hardier surfaces



      How to determine the best size Accu-Shot Precision Monopod

      Please understand that no monopod will be useful across the wide range of shooting situations found in the field. The monopod is offered as an aid, to be used when applicable, not as an answer all. With this in mind, the best we can hope for is to realize a benefit from the Accu-Shot during 85 - 95% of prone shooting and 95-100% from the bench. There are methods to increase the application of the Accu-Shot in fluid or dynamic situations which follow the sizing instructions.

      To determine the best monopod for your application the following is offered as a guideline if using a bipod. If you are using another form of front rest, the same procedure applies. You will need something to measure with and a flat level surface.

      Set you rifle up on a flat level surface such as a table or shooting bench with the bipod set at the height you most commonly use. Then hold the rifle bore as close to level as possible. Then maintain this position of the rifle while you measure the distance from the point where the monopod attaches (Rear sling stud position measured from the stock or from the flat surface of the rail) down to the supporting flat surface. Then the ideal monopod will give you adjustment on both sides of this measurement.

      One consideration you should make is the terrain where you will be using it, if doing range work, measure it there. If hunting, then try to get a measurement on your next trip or reference the rest you used on your last hunt



          All Atlas Products bought from Scoped Out are covered by the Australian B&T Industries (Accu-shot) Warranty. Our warranty is about you, not us and it's about taking care of you after the sale.

          • Lifetime warranty against faulty parts or workmanship
          • Fully transferable
          • A receipt will be required so we can trace back proof of purchase

          The warranty does not cover loss, misuse, theft or deliberate damage to the product

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