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Upgrade Your Existing Scope with Scoped Out!!

Scoped out was established by recreational shooters for the average shooter. We understand that your circumstances change from time to time. We also understand that some shooters can't afford to upgrade or change anything prior to selling their existing components. Others may not have the ability or inclination to try and on-sell their redundant components due to the time and potential hassle involved

For this reason we have come up with a facility that allows you (the customer) a little more flexibility to trade in and upgrade your existing optics. To enable the change in whichever shooting discipline you’re embarking on. The offer is available for any genuine branded rifle scope, spotting scope, range finder, night vision or binocular that you may have.

Please be aware that the trade-in offer doesn’t automatically mean that we will purchase your preloved item. There are many variables that need to be assessed prior to completing the transaction. The item may have more sentimental value than retail worth. The cost you originally purchased the item for may have been inflated due to being new stock or having been imported at a higher (import) dollar value. Please bear these factors in mind when you send us the details. Our intention is not to insult anybody regarding the offer we will make you.

Please refer to the conditions of the trade-in offer below for further information:

How to apply for the trade-in?

  1. Contact us using the form below.
  2. Supply as much information about the item as possible; age, condition, brand, model #, tube diameter, objective and ocular sizes, serial number, type of adjustment (moa/mil), reticle type, power settings.
  3. Nominate the accessories you will be trading with the item; original packaging, warranty papers, rings, harness, covers, lense caps.
  4. Tell us what you want for the item; you need to be realistic and brutally honest.
  5. Once your query is received Scoped Out will contact you within 48hrs to arrange the supply of images of the item if possible.

Conditions of the trade-in

  1. You must be the owner of the item that you intend to trade.
  2. You just be a resident of Australia.
  3. An agreed value of the potential traded item must be agreed upon by all parties prior to the purchase of the new item.
  4. All packaging and postage charges of the item are the responsibility of you; the seller.
  5. All traded items must be well packaged and sent via registered postage to; Scoped Out, PO Box 148 O’Halloran Hill, SA 5158.
  6. You must supply a return address on the package you are sending and insure it for the valuation agreed upon!!
  7. Scoped Out is to be notified via email sales@scopedout.com.au of the parcel tracking number as soon as practicable.
  8. All trade-ins must be of lower value than the replacement item which is being purchased. It can be of any configuration, for example: trading a pair of binoculars or a range finder (valued at $350) for a newly purchased rifle scope (purchased price of $1,200), you would pay then only the difference of $850.

Note: The full purchase price of the scope will be deducted from the purchasers’ credit card until the traded item has been received by Scoped Out and that item has been checked and validated. Upon this validation the purchasers credit card will be credited the agreed value back. All credited amounts will be completed in the same form as per the original transaction and within 14 days of Receipt by Scoped Out

Reasons for potential termination of the trade-in sale

Scoped Out has the right to cancel the trade in transaction if the item that you have nominated for trading- in has any of the following attributes;

  • The item received is not exactly as described and disclosed by you (the seller).
  • The item is deemed to be fraudulent or not of original configuration.
  • The item is deemed to be lost or stolen property.
  • The item was damaged in transit prior to being in the care of Scoped Out.
  • The item has been damaged or is non-functional (unless agreed upon prior to transaction).

If any of the above transpires the item will be shipped back to the owner, less any packaging and postage expenses incurred by Scoped Out

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