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The Atlas TRG Bracket (ATB) BT21 – Is designed for use with the Sako TRG line of rifles utilizing the TRG bipod attachment slot. The ATB provides a forward mounting position which is also closer to the bore-line. The ATB is designed for use with either the BT10 or BT10-LW17 Atlas Bipods which would mount directly to the Picatinny Rail portion of the ATB The AAIS is constructed from 6061T6 Aluminum with a type II hard coat anodize mated with an alloy steel Spigot that is finished with a Manganese Phosphate complete with fasteners

Please note: The Atlas BT10-NC can be mounted to the ATB, but this requires installation of the BT10-NC bipod during the installation of the ATB, prior to reassembly of the stock. This action will result in the semi-permanent dedication of that bipod to that particular rifle

Items received in the box

  • 1 x BT21 mount
  • 4 x hex head screws to suit mounting
  • 1 x mounting plate
  • 1 x 41mm 1913 picatinny rail
  • Atlas BT21 TRG Bracket (ATB)

    By B&T Industries


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    A necessity for any Sako TRG rifle owner which allows the fitment of the BT10 bipod range or accessory

    • Fits all Sako TRG stocks
    • Provides a semi permanent 1913 rail provision 
    • Weight 140 grams


      Atlas BT21 TRG bracket features

      • For use with any BT10 or BT46 series of Atlas Bipod
      • Allows fitting of the (optional) BT10-NC bipod 
      • Utilizes factory mounting points without modification to the stock
      • Non-gunsmith fitment
      • Constructed from T6061T6 Aluminum finished in Hard Anodized black
      • Alloy steel Spigot finished with a Manganese Phosphate
      • Includes required fixings


      The Installation requires the barrelled action to be removed from the stock (see installation pictorial here).

      The ATB also prohibits the folded back and 45 degree leg positions and will not currently work with Tri Rail Systems for Night Observation Devices (NOD'S) although an adapter is planned

      Important steps for installing the BT21

      1. Following the Sako factory TRG instructions remove the barreled action from TRG stock
      2. Remove the forend from Stock Base
      3. Remove the two slotted screws that hold the Harness Fastening Rail
      4. Move the Harness Fastening Rail back towards the butt, locating the rear screw at fourth round hole 3.125” back from front edge. If needed, heating the threads of the screws will help facilitate the removal.
      5. The original slotted screws can be reused or you can use the provided M5 screws using a 3mm hex wrench. Removable thread locker such as Loctite 243 is recommended on all fasteners.
      6. Remove the two 10/32 x 5/8 Flat Head Socket Screws that can be seen between the Upper and Lower sections of the ATB.
      7. Slide the Lower section of the ATB into the factory TRG bipod receptacle slot with the raised, stepped section up, the Upper, flat section of the ATB slides into Stock Base channel towards the forward edge of the Harness Fastening Rail.
      8. Line up the holes of the Upper and Lower ATB with corresponding holes in the Stock Base.
      9. Reinstall the two 10/32 x 5/8 Flat Head Socket Screws through the Lower ATB section, Stock Base and thread into the Upper ATB section fasten securely using a 1/8 hex wrench. Removable thread locker such as Loctite 243 is recommended on all fasteners.
      10. Tighten the two 10/32 x 3/4 Flat Head Socket Screws securely. Removable thread locker such as Loctite 243 is recommended on all fasteners.
        Reinstall the forend to the Stock Base, then the barreled action.
      For a full pictorial instruction sheet of the above click here



        All Atlas Products bought from Scoped Out are covered by the Australian B&T Industries (Accu-shot) Warranty. Our warranty is about you, not us and it's about taking care of you after the sale.

        • Lifetime warranty against faulty parts or workmanship
        • Fully transferable
        • A receipt will be required so we can trace back proof of purchase

        The warranty does not cover loss, misuse, theft or deliberate damage to the product


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