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Installing the KRG bolt lift

Posted on February 23, 2015 by Rusty | 0 comments

Installing the KRG bolt lift

This is another occasion that we have sourced a product due to it's uniqueness and usability.

I have been thinking for some time about installing an enlarged (or tactical) bolt knob to my HS HTR didn't like the idea of modifying it without the ability to return it to stock standard. So along came the KRG bolt lift which suggested that it would fit a Remington bolt, it wasn't quite the same as mine but I thought we could give it a go!

Now, the bolt knob on the HS has a round end (similar to most standard rifles) and is not the oval shape which the Remingtons tend to be. So the first thing was to see if it could be fitted just with the supplied rubber rings and without modifying the unit itself. It fitted but would rotate when used. It probably rotated due to not being the (oval) shape which would have allowed the KRG bolt lift to clamp against it and wedge it into place.

So I improvised and went towards the semi-permanent  fitting option which meant it needed to be epoxied together. It remains semi-permanent due to the fact that shoe polish was used as a release agent prior to using the epoxy. If you are using this method, instructions are supplied but please keep testing it by dry fitting prior to using the epoxy

Make sure you protect the area and the parts of the bolt that don't need to be accessed......just in case you get it everywhere! It was easy enough to do, and with the help of some acetone I was able to clean up any excess that spilled out and around the top of the bolt lift. 

I'm more into functionality than looks but this was an awesome addition! It took all of 15 minutes and cost all of $45 for the part and the epoxy, worth every cent!!

Soooooooo..............I had an epiphany.

Would it work on a Steyr SBS pro hunter spoon bolt? I have disliked the spoon bolt handle since I purchased the rifle from new, I have relatively large hands and I find it uncomfortable to grasp it properly when trying to quickly chamber a round. It's the only thing I haven't liked about the rifle, otherwise it's a great shooter

For this one I used the KRG SV bolt lift which is the slightly smaller version, used more so for the appearance rather than the smaller sizing. It looked to blend in really well with the rifle itself. The end result was just as good, if not better than the HS!

It took some grinding and fiddling but it was worth the extra 15 minutes of pain grinding out the inside of the unit to suit the spoon bolt handle. I followed the same process and used a release agent (just in case it didn't end well) and epoxied the unit together and wallah!! A Steyr SBS pro hunter with an over-sized bolt knob on a spoon handled bolt!!


So the verdict for the HS HTR, extremely happy, functions well and looks terrific.

Verdict for the Steyr pro hunter bolt lift fitment, fantastic, awesome, oh my god I should have done it ages ago!!

Both KRG bolt lifts are available in store for under $40 and are worth every penny in my humble opinion


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